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Information water-cannon overload

Does going online feel a bit like you're being water-cannoned with well-intentioned but overwhelming information?I don't know about you, but every time I go online I'm bombarded by experts everywhere


Why your projects are always late…

The optimism bias — what it is, and how to beat it so you can finish your book“It’ll take me a week, max, to do the final edit on my book,” I declared.Oh, how I’m laughing, hollowly and bitterly,


Episode 195: The War Of Art, or, Bashing Bad Guys

Joe is wearing a dressing gown! A very snazzy, smoking-jacket-esque dressing gown, but a dressing gown nonetheless. If you only listen to the audio, you're missing out. Hop over to YouTube and have


You are not your business

Sometimes, my husband Joe is incredibly insightful – despite the fact he insists he mostly has goldfish swimming around in his head.He pointed something out to me yesterday, and it got me thinking.I


Episode 191: Asking The Right Questions

I have the plague and Joe is left to steer the ship in this week's episode of the 1,000 Authors Show. Between bouts of coughing and spluttering, we explain why many would-be authors struggle to get


🎃 Haunted by horrific howlers

Staring in horror at the book in front of me, my heart stopped for a moment.Hell, the whole world stopped – and I wondered if it'd ever start up again.I could not believe what I was seeing: the table