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Episode 196: Do Something Hard Today

Joe and I are almost foiled by technology and then a ghost in the Dingle, before moving swiftly on to today's topic: hard things. (Stop being smutty.) There follows a lurid tale in which I relive a


Don’t rely on your friends

​Guess what? Your friends and family probably won't pull out their wallets for your book.Why should they?I write this with no bitterness – or, at least, I don't feel scratchy about it anymore.A few

Derek the donkey thinks learning BJJ is hard

The Splendour Of Hard Things

It’s much easier to laze around on the sofa than it is to stand up and do the thing you need to do.Right? I'm extremely talented at lazing around, half-in and half-out of a box of Quality Street.We’re


the 1%-ers

At the pole studio, we encourage our students to take photos and record videos.We all do the selfie thing; and not just because it's fun to show off a little sometimes to our non-aerial friends, who

Illustration of Steven Pressfield by Rob Middleton at EveryoneLovesCartoons.com

Resistance Is Futile, Or, The War Of Art

Stuck in procrastination hell? Feeling the resistance? Read this… One of the best books I’ve read on how to beat resistance and procrastination is The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield.He’s


This blew my tiny mind

Have you ever read something that, when you think about it later, is obvious – but at the time, it blows your mind?​I've been reading Atomic Habits by James Clear with my book club, Bookaholics


Episode 194: Margo Aaron Yells On My Podcast

Margo Aaron is a splendid writer and even more splendid human being, and I managed to persuade her to come and yell on the podcast. Yay! Tune in to find out what working in mental health has to do with


? long train journeys are the best

There's something about trains that makes me grin. ​Not overcrowded misery-filled peak-commuter-punch-up trains, of course, but a long train journey that starts in the early morning is a treat


13 Books That’ll Help You Become A Better Writer

Quick Summary...Two questions get fired at me often:How can I become a better writer?What books do you recommend I read to get better at marketing my business?My answer to the first question is: write.


? we need tiny beetle steps not giant leaps

I've been working on a move on the trapeze for ages. Weeks.I couldn't do it and it was tremendously frustrating – like one of those dreams where you're trying to shout but no sound comes out.Then,

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