Day 2: Rank your snacks

Day 2: Rank your snacks

When you’re feeling snacky, what do you do?

Slice of toast with Marmite?

Piece of fruit?

Handful of nuts?

Crisps or chocolate?

And if there are snacks in your cupboard right now, rank ’em. For example, mine would go:

5 — Apple. (I don’t really like apples. Noisy things. Sticky.)

4 — Toast with Marmite.

3 — Water biscuits. Just dry. Like a weirdo.

2 — Wispa Gold.

1 — Peas straight from my garden YUM. Bonus: watching the TinySheep crunch the pods aftewards.

Your turn—set a timer for 5 minutes and write about what happens when you’re feeling snacky.


Happy writing!



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