Don’t Eat the Frog

Don’t Eat the Frog

Don’t Eat The Frog is not an instruction manual. Nor is it a how-to book.

It’s a nifty little MicroBook stuffed with doodles of questionable quality and also observations, advice, tips, rants, and questions for people who have ADHD (& other brain bees) and who also want to write a book.

Or who want to write anything at all, in fact.

Or simply want to create something.

There is no aggressively unhelpful writing advice that makes us feel like a trash panda, such as the ubiquitous “eat that frog” yelled really loudly by men in suits.

Instead, there’s a bunch of suggestions that have worked for the author, and for the author’s book coaching clients. You can try them for yourself, and if they don’t work for you—try something else.

This book contains no shouted instructions.

There are lots of footnotes.

And dodgy cartoons.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

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