December 5: A FREE copy of How the Hell do You Write a Book!

On the fifth day of Christmas, I will give to you…

A free PDF copy of my book!

Ebook on tablet on the right, print book on the left, slightly behind.

(Which you can also buy in tree-based format right here bee tee dubs)

All I ask is that you take action on what you read inside these pages.

You have three (3) days to grab your copy for free; after that, it’s back to paying cashmoney, baby.

So hop on over here and stuff your digital pockets.


OH WAIT. I’d also really appreciate an Amazon review pretty please! It’ll help me out and it’ll help out others who need to find a book to help them write a book.

Thank you muchly.

Writing prompt

Now for your daily nudge.

Open the nearest book to page 83 and point randomly at the page.

What word or phrase did your finger land on?

What does it prompt you to think about — and write?

Set a timer for 5 minutes, and go!



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Notes in the Margin

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