December 7: How to find the right idea for your book

Behind door number 7 is…

The answer to this question: How do you find the right idea for your book?

You probably won’t be surprised to learn I have Opinions about this type of question, and the answers that people rush to give.

So today, I gift you a pdf issue of a magazine I used to create, in which I attempt to answer this question for a lovely client.

If you’re struggling with too many ideas (or not enough) I hope it helps you too.

Image of the front of The Writers Room magazine, black and white, typewriter.

Writing Prompt

There is no right idea. Or wrong idea. Just ideas you can try. GO.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and make a big old list, or mind map, or spider diagram, or word spiral, or interpretative dance, or doodle, of all the possible ideas you could ever turn into a book.

See what each one leads to.

And have fun with it!



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Notes in the Margin

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