Day 12: Least favourite class?

Day 12: Least favourite class?

What was your least favourite class at school?

Mine was chemistry. Not because chemistry’s boring; it isn’t. It’s fascinating. I loved nothing more than flinging chemicals together to see what happened.

And setting fire to the gas taps.

(Can kids still do that in classrooms these days?)

I disliked chemistry class because of the moles.

Despite my auspicious start in maths, I always struggled with the maths elements of chemistry and physics, particularly moles. Funnily enough, when I did some science courses for fun as an adult with the OU, I didn’t struggle with the moles…

Maybe because there wasn’t a teacher telling me I’d fail the higher paper if I took it.

I took it anyway, and got a B.

In your face, Mr Chemistry Teacher whose name I forget but who’s accent I remember very well (he was northern and pronounced “poor” as “poo-wer”).

So ya. Chemistry.

What was your least favourite class? Why?

Set a timer and write…

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Happy writing!



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