December 20: The secrets to effective research

Behind door number 20 lie…

…the secrets to effective research!

Because I have a research problem. I am interested in literally everything.

So a mention of George Orwell sends me down a research wormhole, which reminds me of the island of Jura where I visited years ago, and there’s a giant famous danger-bears whirlpool, and how do whirlpools even work and how many bigguns are there, and — you see my problem.

But this podcast episode might help you:

In it, I share the things I’ve learned about focus, procrastination, and how to get that book research done.


✍🏼Writing Prompt ✍🏼

What’s the last thing you wandered off to learn about, even though it had nothing to do with anything you were supposed to be doing?

Why did it interest you?

What did you learn?

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write on.



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