Day 21: Your biggest priorities

Day 21: Your biggest priorities


Because you can only have one. So this is a little stealth exercise to help you be whelmed rather than overwhelmed.

“Priority” literally means “most important thing” not thingS.


Set a timer for 5 minutes and write down all the things scrambling for your attention right now. What’s pulling you in different directions?

Now look closely at them all.

What HAS to be done now? Do ‘em or delegate ‘em.

What do you WANT to do now? Make space for it and do it.

What can wait? Schedule it for later or delegate it.

What doesn’t need to be done at all? BIN IT WOO!

Okay I know that’s super simplistic but give it a go anyway. See if you can narrow it down. My days changed when underneath my to do list for the day I wrote:


And if I did that one thing, the day is a win.

Go you!

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Happy writing!



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