A selection of different and colourful vegetarian dishes. Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

Day 23: Your favourite meal

This is a super annoying question for me, so I thought I’d ask you.

You’re welcome!

What’s your favourite meal?

For me, like so many other “what’s your favourite” questions, the answer is…

It depends.

On my mood, the season, the day of the week, how busy I am, how hot it is, whether or not my ridiculous brain has suddenly decided that my favourite meal last week is now the most disgusting thing it’s ever encountered…

But there are a few staples that seem to hang around.

  • Toasted cheese sammiches
  • Mac ‘n’ cheese with cauliflower
  • Raw mushroom sammiches (yes really)
  • Cavolo nero linguine with spicy goats cheese
  • Mushroom dal
  • Red onion chilli
  • A massive roast dinner with too many roast potatoes

So, it’s your turn. What’s your favourite meal?

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write write write!

And if you still can’t think of anything to write about, you can grab my Writing Games template over here.



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