Day 28: Bodily autonomy

Day 28: Bodily autonomy

Bit of a heavy question for today’s prompt, and I ask it with no judgement or expectation—simply with a request to dig deep into what you think, believe, and feel—and why.

What does bodily autonomy mean to you?

How about other people’s bodily autonomy?

A few things to think about:

  • Vaccinations: choice or mandatory?
  • Consent
  • Mask wearing: choice or mandatory?
  • Abortion
  • Organ donation
  • Medical decision-making
  • Children being told to “kiss granny goodbye” because it’s “polite”—when they don’t want to
  • Forced labour
  • Sex work

Bit of food for thought.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and have an explore of your feelings about your own body, your control over it—and other people’s bodies.

More things to consider: your gender, sex, age, nationality, skin colour, ability/disability, mental health status, neurotypical status…

It’s pretty nuanced, right?

Happy writing!

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