Kenda Macdonald

Kenda Macdonald : Automation Ninjas

Kenda Macdonald is an award-winning author and entrepreneur. She wrote her first book, Hack The Buyer Brain, in 2019. This is her story…

“I’d started writing my book – then I hit a wall…”

I had started writing my book, Hack The Buyer Brain, and I’d hit a wall. I wasn’t sure if what I had done was the right thing, or if I was just writing a bunch of crap in a crappier format.

I’m the kind of person who does a lot of research on how to do things (bit of procrastination in there). I’d looked at tonnes of resources, and none of them were any good. The things that were for business books were awful, and the fiction book advice wasn’t applicable.
I just really needed help to get unstuck, and out of my own way.

“It’s not enough just to have a book; it needs to be worthwhile”

If Vicky had even remotely been like any of the other resources, spouting nonsense about a business book just being the best business card you’ll ever have and that no one will read it anyway – I would have run a mile.

There is so much rubbish advice out there about the positioning a book will magically give you, even if the book is crap.
The fact of the matter is, your book needs to be good too. It’s not enough to just have a book, it needs to be worthwhile, else you’re never going to get clients.

“She gave me the confidence to feel good about my book”

Instead, not only did Vicky give me a brilliant bit of advice that got me unstuck and writing again, but she helped me make my book a good book. She held my hand every step of the way. She validated my ideas, and saw through my fears and concerns to give me the insights, advice and kicks up the bum I needed.

She made my book a good book – but more than that, she gave me the confidence to feel good about my book. I have that confidence now not because she’s built me some kind of false ego like some wanky coaches do, but because she helped craft something I can be truly proud of. I have a good book – and that’s all Vicky’s fault.

“I never had to justify myself”

Weirdly, the thing I love the most about Vicky’s process is that I never had to justify myself. Sometimes you have to explain why you’re riddled with anxiety, or that yes I know I’m procrastinating but it’s because it’s part of my routine and and and…

When other people don’t get that, you feel like you’re just a bit odd, and when they have never been where you’ve been, you fall into an awful lot of justification behaviour. Vicky gets it. She knows and she has all the little tricks and tips to help get you unstuck.
She’s also immensely knowledgeable and talented, helping me navigate through all the intricacies of getting a book published and out there. I would have been lost without her.

“I saved huge amounts of time”

I saved huge amounts of time by getting help from Vicky. She was able to redirect me in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to figure it out myself. And the end result is 10x better than it would have been.

Going through this process also actually saved me money. If I had wasted all my time trying to do it all myself without direction, it would have been productive time down the drain. It would also have meant way more down-time being used up, I have precious little spare time as it is. To be able to spend that on things that are important to me and allow me to function best at work, is priceless. It saved me buying all the courses out there that are awful, and stopped me from buying all the books…

And, of course, there’s the sanity it gave me. I can’t quantify the emotional aspect, aside from to say that Vicky gave me the confidence to launch. And that alone is worth 10x the price I’ve paid.

“She knows her shit”

I can wholeheartedly recommend Vicky, her book, her workshops, her course, and her services. I have recommended her to other authors and I will do time and time again.
The financial, time and emotional return on investment I have had has been phenomenal. She knows her shit and she’ll help you craft a book you can be proud of.

“It’s changed everything”

The help Vicky has given me in getting Hack the Buyer Brain together has meant that for three months I’ve had nearly two interviews a week about the book.

I sold enough books on my prelaunch to pay for the first print run. I sold out of my first print run within a month. Within two months I sold over 300 copies – most authors will only sell 250 in their lifetime. I did my first book signing at an event I was invited to speak at, where people queued for 45 mins to have their copy personally signed, and we sold out of all copies bought.

I have two brand new clients who have come directly through the book – both of whom came to me within a day of reading the book. I have consistent 5-star ratings and reviews so far, and I know of two groups that have used the book as a book club read. I’ve recently won an award for Outstanding Contribution to my field as a result of the content of the book – which officially makes it an award-winning book.

It’s also been made required reading for the Content Marketing Academy, as well as part of the syllabus for two universities in the UK. I get consistent compliments and messages from readers who have said it’s changed everything for them. People are starting to get results from the content too. And as a result of all this, I cannot rave enough about what Vicky has done.