Renae Saager: Coach

Renae Saager :

Renae helps go-getters and professional women drop the shame, shoulds, and shitty self-talk so they can show up with the confidence and certainty they want.

“[Vicky] genuinely seems to care and she’s invested.”

Why did I want to write a book? For two reasons, one to share my own story, and two, as an additional way to get people to know and learn about me and my coaching services and just bring them in a little bit.

I needed Vicky’s help because I had no idea what I was doing. I was like, am I way off base? Does any of this make sense? Does this suck? What do I do? And I just needed someone to give me some kind of container.

I guess I wasn’t really that worried. My only concern was, is this going to be enough time to help me? Are you going to be able to help me. I wasn’t that concerned, but I guess there was a mild concern of, is this really gonna work? I’ve never worked with a book coach really, but, yeah, it worked. It’s working!

Hillary Weiss shared that she was working with Vicky in a group project. The group coaching thing. And I almost did that, but I wanted a little bit more hands on. I wanted a little bit more specificity cause I’d already written a lot. And so I wanted someone to read over and again, just tell me you’re way off base. Just give me some sort of direction.

I found it so helpful. So amazing. She gave me a couple different ideas for writing my book, and just bounced it back off of me. What did I think was going to be better? What did I want to do? But she also did give me some feedback and suggestions, which is what I wanted and needed, because I don’t know what I don’t know.

She really helped me with the outline. She helped me with the structure and she gave me some really specific tips about how to write the story, each chapter, how to structure those, which was also really helpful.

You know why I ended up working with Vicky? Cause I had a consultation with another book coach, three or four days before Vicky – and I told Vicky this too – you know what I liked? And what made me decide to work with you? One was that Hillary had suggested her, but two was because after we had our consultation, Vicky friended me and started liking my stuff and started engaging with me.

And I really wanted someone like that. I wanted someone that I felt like was going to actually give a shit about me and what I was writing. Like whether or not she does, I don’t care, but at least make me feel like it, you know? And so that other coach, I just felt was sterile and like, okay, this is what we’re going to do. I didn’t really feel like she cared all that much. And so with Vicky, I felt like she was really interested and invested, and actually cared about what I was writing and wanted to support me on this.

The Voxer support was really great for when I got stuck on a couple of things. She could jump in there and give me some feedback on it. Also, our follow up sessions were really helpful, so we could recreate that structure. And just her reminding me not to get all – and I still do this – but to continue thinking of the big picture, don’t get so overwhelmed. Because that is something, that’s the process where I’m at right now, where I’m just so overwhelmed and I don’t want to do it. And she’s like, just think of the big picture. You don’t have to get all the nitty gritty. And so trying to remind myself of that.

Would I recommend Vicky? Totally. I plan on telling people, I already am telling people about her.

Something that I really liked about her is that she genuinely seems to care. She’s invested and I could tell that she read my book and she had good insight, good questions and great feedback.