Episode 317: My Favourite Writing Tools

Episode 317: My Favourite Writing Tools

Show Notes

Join Vicky and Joe as they do a whirlwind trip through Vicky’s favourite productivity tools, writing tools, and editing tools! There’s a bunch of affiliate links for you, but don’t worry—she’s not a shill for big apps. This is only stuff she uses and loves. There are some tools in here that may surprise you because she has ADHD and some of the traditional advice is less than useful… so check this out instead. Enjoy!

 Key Points

  • [4:35] Project Dingle update!
  • [5:50] What are some of Vicky’s favourite tools to use when writing a book?
  • [6:10] Do you need a child lock for all your distracting apps? Vicky does.
  • [8:15] Vicky is so grateful for her Bose headphones to block out noise and distractions.
  • [11:40] Vicky has a second screen to help her with her book writing tasks.
  • [15:40] Vicky is also very fussy about what types of pens she likes to create with.
  • [19:45] Notion is a godsend! It can be integrated into your own content calendars as well as Canva.
  • [24:10] Do you struggle with starting and/or finishing stuff? Vicky has the ‘thing’ for you.
  • [25:15] Vicky has her writing group, which has been very helpful for a lot of people in getting their writing projects underway.
  • [26:30] Let’s talk about editing tools.
  • [31:10] Joe loves a good old fashioned white board and a pen.
  • [33:15] There are free writing groups out there. The accountability really helps you get stuff done!

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