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This is for the ones who “don’t have time” to write a book

I know there are very real reasons why you may feel this way.

And I’m not gonna swoop in here and tell you “we all have the same 24 hours to work with” because we do not.

I don’t have kids, or elderly parents to care for, or three jobs to work, or a hellish long commute. My hours are different from yours.

(Although I do have three TinySheep and they are more time consuming than you might think…)

So yeah.

But let me ask you this: do you have 30 minutes a day? 15? 10?

Because if your drive to write a book is big enough, time doesn’t have to be the reason you don’t get it done.

Do any of these ring a bell?

☠️ You start every day with the best intentions, but when it comes time to actually put pen to paper you find yourself doing anything but writing — and it makes you feel like a total balloon animal?

☠️ Your magnificent mind cooked up a book idea that makes your clients shriek PLZ SEND TO ME NOW

☠️ But when it comes to getting your idea out in “print”? You want to BURN IT ALL DOWN.

☠️ And you feel like although writing a book isn’t easy, it shouldn’t feel like trying to gnaw off your own toenails…


🔥 Get clear AF on your idea and understand how to translate it for a mass audience.

🔥 Turn imposter syndrome into an I-GOT-THIS action vibe.

🔥 You want to do this — but writing your book keeps getting shoved aside in favour of something “more urgent” and you know what you really need is just to know exactly where to start and what to do first.

🔥 Make your book the PRIORITY you want it to be.

You need someone who GETS IT.

Because your book isn’t just some box to tick. Some lead magnet marketing gimmick.

It’s special to you. And to the people who love what you have to say.

It’s the worst feeling to have a book inside us and not be able to get it out, because we have a million other priorities and can’t get our shit together to do it.

It’s the worst feeling to desperately want to write, knowing that we don’t have all the time in the world.

And you know what the saddest story of all is?

The one that’s never told.

I refuse to let your brilliance get snuffed out by the heat-death of a cold, cold universe.

So let’s light that fire and get your book DONE.

Join me on a full private book coaching day to make thrilling progress on the book you started… but never finished.

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