What you’re feeling is normal

What you’re feeling is normal

The UK is now in lockdown, which is… weird.

The UK is now in lockdown, which is… weird.

Very weird.

Joe and I have been locked down anyway really; only going out to buy food and whatnot. But it feels very strange that we now can’t go out at all.

I wanted to share a few things that might help you navigate what you’re feeling right now, including some of the ways I’m feeling:

  • I’m crying often. Randomly.
  • I’m laughing often. Randomly.
  • Sometimes I feel numb.
  • Sometimes I’m incredibly upbeat, knowing that all this will pass.
  • Then I feel guilty because I know others are suffering terribly.
  • Other times I’m very scared, for the people I love and for my business.
  • I’m scared for the many business owners who are going to struggle.
  • I’m grateful. Incredibly grateful to the NHS workers, military, firefighters, people who are growing and making and selling our food. To everyone on the front lines.
  • I’m grateful to all the businesses working behind the scenes to keep life and the economy going.
  • I’m so so grateful that I’m so fortunate. This is hard for me, but it’s so much harder and scarier for so many others.
  • I can’t think or focus. Every time I try, what I’m focusing on slides away from me.
  • I feel like my head is stuffed with cotton wool: like my Superhero Jill said, it’s like my ideas tap has been turned off. Where’s my creativity gone?

Bit of a roller coaster, huh?

I read an article this morning, an interview with grief expert David Kessler, and apparently we’re all grieving. This discomfort we’re feeling is grief. Actual grief for the loss of our freedom and the way of life we know, and anticipatory grief because we fear for what might happen in the future.Massive anxiety. I know my racing thoughts are because of my anxiety, amplified a million times by what’s going on at the moment.

The future has never been more uncertain and who knows what it’ll look like?

Sometimes it helps to put a name to something, so now we know: we’re probably grieving with all the stages that entails: denial, anger, bargaining, sadness, acceptance. I think I’ve been through all of them in the past couple of weeks and I’m sure you have, too.

Everyone is coping with this differently and reacting differently and that’s normal.Some people are panicking, some are calm. Some are planning, others are waiting. Some are selling as normal, others feel like they can’t sell.

All of these things are okay.

We all learn to figure out traumatic events in our own way (and this is a traumatic event on a grand scale).

You might want to take this time out to learn something new, or to do nothing at all – and that’s fine, too. Your choice. Your mental health.

If you do want to use your time; if you’re like me – I feel like I must make this into an opportunity for myself and I love learning – then I have a gift for you.

It’s my birthday on Friday, and rather than spend it in splendid isolation (well, not really, I have Joe and two lazy cats) I’d like to spend it with you.

As a birthday gift from me to you, I’m holding a free live Q&A session on books and writing and really anything I can help you with to do with publishing.(Don’t ask me medical or financial shizzle though I won’t be able to help with that. And definitely don’t ask me about how to cook an omelette.)

I don’t want writing to be something else you worry about right now so let’s get together and answer questions.

There really has never been a better time to write a book than now. Wouldn’t it be amazing to come out of this lockdown with your book in your hand, ready to publish? How cool would that be?

So if you think now might be the time for you but you don’t know where to start or what to write about, join us on Friday.

Here are the deets:

  • When: Friday, March 27 at 11 am UK time
  • Where: Zoom (add this link to your calendar: https://zoom.us/j/971420965)
  • Why: Because you’re gonna write your book and I’m gonna help you get started

Stick it in your calendar and I’ll see you on Friday.

p.s. Every day I’m sharing something that makes me laugh, in hopes it’ll make you laugh too. Because while all this is going on, there are some clever bastards out there doing funny stuff.

Like these funny feckers. You’re welcome.p.p.s. it’s only Day 1 of the lockdown at the Dingle, and already the spoons are breaking quarantine and invading the forks:

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