Day 4: Live forever?

Day 4: Live forever?

Spoiler alert. Kind of. I’m watching The Sandman at the moment (LOVE IT because it’s brilliant but also because Neil Gaiman).

One of the episodes features a young man who decides he’s not going to die—and Death happens to overhear him and grants his wish.

He meets up with Dream every 100 years because Dream wants to know if he’ll change his mind and wish for death.

Would you want to live forever?

I can see the appeal—watch the world change around you, dramatically and incredibly. I want to see what happens next, in 100 years or a thousand.

But watching the people I love age and die around me? Not so much.

And he’s not immune to harm… what if someone found out and stuck you in a box at the bottom of the ocean? Risky.

So—set a timer for 5 minutes and ponder my question. Would you want to live forever?

Why? Or why not?

Happy writing!



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