Day 7: Beer Pong Day

Day 7: Beer Pong Day

I only found out what Beer Pong is a few years ago.

For the uninitiated, you stand at one end of a table, and a cup of beer stands at the other end. Then you bounce a ping pong ball along the table with the aim of getting it into the cup.

There’s generally two teams of two or more players each, with 6 or 10 cups in a triangle formation on each side.

Each team takes turns to chuck a ping pong ball into the other team’s cups. If a ball lands ina. cup, the other team has to drink it and the cup is removed.

The first team to eliminate all the other team’s cups wins.

I dunno what thoughts this brings up for you, but for me it mostly sounds very unsanitary. I’m not drinking a cup of beer with a dirty pingpong ball in it.

But it also got me thinking about drinking games, and games generally. I don’t drink anymore but I do remember one year getting absolutely twisted during Eurovision, back in the day when Terry Wogan presented.

He was always drunk and would get drunker as the night went on, and we’d all join him.

There’d be points at which you’d have to take a drink. Every time the swanky presenters changed costume, for example. Or every time a contestant sang at the top of a pole. Or every time someone got “nil points.”

So today’s prompt: what party games do you remember playing, alcohol-related or no?

Did you enjoy them?

What can you remember?

Happy writing!



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