Day 17: World Emoji Day

Day 17: World Emoji Day

Did you know it’s World Emoji Day today?

I don’t know you’re celebrating, but I’m gonna communicate entirely in emojis.

(Spoiler alert: I’m probably not.)

So. I could ask you what’s your favourite emoji, but that’s a bit dull. (Mine is this one: 😐 I don’t know why; it just amuses me. It conveys so much with its little straight line mouth.)

Instead, I’ll ask you: what do you think of emojis? Do you think they’re an awful modern scourge and the downfall of language and civilisation and intelligence?

Or do you like the extra dimension they lend to language and communication?


I think you can probably guess what camp I fall into (LANGUAGE EVOLVES, MO-FOS, CELEBRATE IT).

But what about you?

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write!

Happy writing!



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