Blog: How people like me get books written

Blog: How people like me get books written

How people like me get books written

Blog: How people like me get books written

For 25 years, I’ve tried to get my shit together.

Maybe it’s time I accept that my ducks are going to stay scattered and actually they’re more like geese, and maybe I should embrace that.

Realise that my strengths lie in working with what I have, rather than fighting myself all the time.

Yesterday was a doozy: I’m on a deadline, I had crushing cramps, it was approximately as hot as the surface of the sun, my cough is back with a vengeance, and things kept happening at me. By the end of the day — 7.30pm to make up for the time spent curled on the floor whimpering — I had one spoon left and I decided to spend it on a quick clean of the bathroom.

I was supposed to have cleaned the bathroom on Sunday but I didn’t, because — well, the aforementioned ducks.

“I’ll just do a 10-minute spray and wipe and rinse and mop the floor,” I mutter to myself. “Then I can read my book for a bit before dinner.”

Half an hour later, I’m on my hands and knees in the shower with mould spray and an old toothbrush, getting every last spore out from the shower door runner and the sealant and the nooks and crannies that we mostly can’t reach.

Did it need doing?


Did it need doing right the hell now?

No. It did not.

But that’s what happens with my particular flavour of AuDHD: I forget to do a thing, or I swerve it, or I just do not have time… until I do, but then I really really really do. To the most ridiculous degree.

So when you say you’re gonna write your book, but then you don’t, and you don’t, and you don’t — I get it. I mean, I get it.

I understand because I literally live it every single day.

I’m certainly not going to judge.

And I am perfectly placed to help you get you it done, because I also understand that many of the traditional writing tools and much of the normal writing advice is aggressively unhelpful for people like us.

I’ve spent 25 years trying to get my shit together in writing, in life, in business and it took me a good long while to realise that, actually, I do have my shit together.

It’s just that my ducks don’t look like ducks are “supposed” to look, so I’ve spent a very long time internalising the idea that I am wrong and broken.

I suspect you have, too.

Well, you’re not wrong or broken.

You just haven’t had the right support before.

So, let me ask you: if you could reach the end of a day feeling like you have your writing shit together, and with a good chunk of your book under your belt, would you be up for that?

I’m opening up spots for my VIP Nonfiction Book Accelerator in July. By the end of the day, you will have:

  • A clear idea of your book topic, that captures your unique point of view and captivates your ideal readers.
  • The structure and table of contents nailed, so you’ll know exactly what’s going in your book, why, and how.
  • Feedback on your voice, style, and storytelling so you can feel confident in your writing ability.
  • A realistic, sustainable writing plan so you can go away and actually finally write the damn book!
  • The tools, techniques, and writer’s mindset you need to eliminate every obstacle in your way (tools that will work for you and your brain).

You’ll walk out of that space an author.

There are two spots available per month.

If you’d like one of them, apply here:

Apply Here!