Day 19: International Men’s Day lol

Day 19: International Men’s Day lol

Before you @ me, the lol is for two reasons:

  1. Because every day is bloody men’s day. The whole world is designed by and for men. Again, don’t @ me because I’ll just ignore it.
  2. I lol because on every International Women’s Day the same losers rear their empty heads to shriek wHaT aBOuT iNterNAtiONaL mEns dAY when it already exists. Today.

Okay now that’s out of the way, I wanted to share things I enjoy about men. Specifically, my man. The one I married.

  1. His arms. I love man arms. I’m an arm girl.
  2. His face. It’s very handsome and kind, and he can make it look like Beaker out of the muppets which is always hilarious to me.
  3. He’s funny. Specifically when he’s saying something hilariously insulting to me, like: “being in bed with you is like being in bed with a sack of angry weasels.” Or: “No, you’re not the perfect wife. If you were, you’d come to bed pre-warmed. Like those copper things they used to fill with hot coals in the old days.”
  4. He’s super imaginative — his D&D character would entertain you greatly.
  5. His hair. He has vitiligo, or badgeritis as we call it, so he has patchy white hair and skin and I love it.
  6. His kindness. He looks after me when I’m sick or sad, he cooks all our meals, and he puts up with my general nonsense and inability to focus on anything or finish a task.

Happy International Men’s Day everyone!

Your turn: set a timer for 5 minutes and write.



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