2022 Annual Review

2022 Annual Review

Every year, I write an Annual Review — a look back at the year just gone, and a look forward to the year ahead.

I’m not a big fan of new year resolutions for myself, but I do like to think about where I’ve been and where I’m going, with no pressure and with curiosity.

A Look Back at 2022: Personal

I realised, this year, that the COVID years have affected me more than I thought; in that I’ve had to force myself to socialise, and go out, and visit people, and travel.

Not because I don’t want to, but because I was very happy with my own company anyway and I lost the habit and some of the skills I had.

So I saw fewer people — friends and family — than I wanted to. But I did travel a lot with Joe, and we had fantastic adventures in Barcelona and Toronto.

In Barcelona, we had a long weekend and attended my friend (and former VA) Harriet’s wedding, which was wonderful. We walked miles and miles in the city, visited La Sagrada Familia, gardens, restaurants, and beaches, and spent time with one of my favourite people.

A few days later we headed off to Canada to see another of my favourite people, Misty, who was getting married too. We spent a few days on the island she lives on, and then a couple of nights in Toronto exploring. We hiked and talked and danced and sang and celebrated, went to a comedy club and an amazing nerd-themed bar, and an aquarium, and remembered what it was like to travel and meet people and do new things.

At home, we have almost finished our bathroom and I had a bath on Christmas Eve, which was extremely emotional because I’ve been waiting for this bathroom for more than six years. We had planned to do much more in the house this year too, but the bathroom was all we managed. That’s okay. It’s been a huge project. We’re in no rush (other than my perpetual impatience).

As for fitness, I have started every weekday with a 10-minute run and 15-minute yoga session, and got back into the habit of training trapeze. I’m pleased with my progress, but handstands have fallen off the wagon a little.

I wanted to go on a mini adventure every week or so, and we didn’t do that. I’m not sure why; I think because we had so much to do in the house every weekend, we didn’t make time to get outside and have fun.

But we did go on a New Year adventure with our friends, to a castle, and cooked a feast and played Dungeons & Dragons.

Christmas Day marked two years alcohol-free for me, and I’m very proud. And I feel better for it.

Probably the biggest thing that happened for me this year was seeing a psychiatrist and getting a diagnosis for ADHD. It’s made a profound difference to how I see myself, and how I treat myself, and how I’ll live my life from now on. I’ve been processing this for months, and will continue to do so, but I’m very grateful for this.

A Look Back at 2022: Business

Business has been a rollercoaster! Things haven’t been easy for anybody, what with the pandemic fallout and the inevitable financial crisis. It’s been a tough year financially, mentally, and socially.

But I remain optimistic and I’ve had some fantastic experiences, including:

  • Launching a super-successful MicroBook Magic course in November.
  • Preselling more than 50% of the available spaces for January’s MicroBook Magic before the end of the year.
  • Turning things around to find something that people want and that works for them right now, instead of despairing that what I thought I was going to offer didn’t work.
  • Working with some amazing private clients who have written and are writing fascinating books.
  • Running my first VIP Day for a fabulous client who spent two years stuck on his book until he met me.
  • Interviewing some fantastic people for the podcast.
  • Consistently writing and putting out Notes in the Margin and my podcast.
  • Making fantastic progress on Cashflow by working with the wonderful Yinka Ewuola.
  • Creating wonderful products and services and revenue with the wonderful Hillary Weiss and Team Thunder.
  • Producing a free monthly prompt calendar each month, to help people build a writing habit.

I finished the year strong, and I’m booked up for January and possibly February already.

And I’m very excited about what 2023 will bring.

Main Goals for 2023

  • Enter + perform in a trapeze competition.
  • Get my tuck handstand entry.
  • Continue to run and do yoga every day.
  • Read at least 40 books.
  • Write the first draft of my memoir (as part of my MA).
  • Pass my MA!
  • Continue to write and publish consistently, and improve steadily.
  • Make more effort to go on mini adventures with Joe.
  • Create a beautiful cosy games room.
  • Develop MicroBook Magic.
  • Host at least 4 VIP Days throughout the year.
  • Work with at least 3 private coaching clients (one slot has already gone).

How about you? What did last year bring? And what will this year bring for you?