Day 22: World Thinking Day

Day 22: World Thinking Day

Here’s a thing I didn’t know: the Scouts and Guides association have a World Thinking Day every year on this day.

Each year, it has a theme, and Girl Scouts and Girl Guides are encouraged to, well, think about stuff.

This year’s theme is Our World: Our Equal Future: The Environment and Gender Equality. Tough subjects and there’s a lot of work to do… starting with some deep thinking.

We don’t allow ourselves enough time and space to sit with our thoughts.

Do we really know what our opinions and beliefs are, if we hold them up and look at them closely? Do we think about them deeply?

Well, here’s a little space for some thinking today. Use the World Thinking Day theme—or see what pops up for you personally.

Set a timer and write write write!



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