Day 23: Your attitude to money

Day 23: Your attitude to money

Ooh, another heavy subject.

(Don’t worry, we’ll be back to silliness tomorrow)

Our attitudes to money can fuck us up or strengthen us. I know mine has required a lot of work over the years.

Our parents’ attitudes become ours, and we stay stuck.

I grew up with the idea that there are people with money, and people without money. THOSE people, rich people, they’re not our people. They’re not good people. They’re greedy people, just because they have money. Regardless of how they got it.

I grew up with the dual idea that I could be and do anything I wanted, and would have all the support in the world from my parents (still do, I’m very lucky)—and yet, I still struggle against their ideas that everyone has their station. They inherited these beliefs and attitudes and have struggled against them in their turn.

They didn’t want me to be hamstrung by them, so they did their best.

Took me a long time to realise: money is just a spanner.

And I still struggle to believe I can make as much money as I want, that there is enough for everyone, and that it is not the root of all evil.

How about you?

^^ that stream of consciousness is a good example of the kind of writing that might come out of a prompt like this. Rough, mostly unformed, not entirely coherent—yet the beginnings of something that might become something else.

Set your timer and have a go. What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Happy writing!



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