Day 22: Getting curious

Day 22: Getting curious

One of my favourite reality shows is Queer Eye, and one of my fave Queer Guys is Jonathan Van Ness.

He’s like a puppy.

But the reason I really love him is his insatiable curiosity and enthusiasm about, it seems, literally everything. He and I could totes be besties.

Anyway, he has a podcast (and now a Netflix series) called Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness and it’s EXCELLENT.

I highly recommend it, for two reasons:

  1. It’s just very entertaining and interesting and enjoyable.
  2. It’s an incredible source of ideas!

Writers must be curious. We must be interested in many things, because we never know where the next idea will come from—or what connections may pop out of watching a random video on the mating habits of penguins.

So today’s writing prompt is: what are you curious about right now?

Go find out a little more about it, and then set your timer and write.

Start with what you’ve learned about the thing you were curious about… and then see where it takes you.

What connections are your brain making?

Where will this piece of writing end up?



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