Episode 297: The Writer’s Most Important Tool

Episode 297: The Writer’s Most Important Tool

Show Notes

This week Vicky and Joe talk about extremely expensive poo and then moves onto the writer’s most important tool of all. Tune in to find out what it is—and discover why one of Vicky’s habits is eavesdropping on strangers, what Joe’s bedtime reading routine is, and why memory is a treacherous beast.

 Key Points

  • [0:50] Vicky wants to do something different and not have a welcome preamble!
  • [01:30] Now that Joe has given up on Umberto Eco, what is he reading?
  • [02:40] Vicky defends Umberto from Joe and encourages him to read his essays on coffee pots.
  • [04:00] All books are worthy but Joe wants to be satisfied with his six and a half minutes of reading time.
  • [04:40] The Wheel Of Time Book 2 is annoying Vicky. Does she need to keep reading?
  • [05:20] Vicky realizes that Georgia Pritchett is British! She’s loving her book as it’s very funny and morbid.
  • [7:10] Update on The Dingle: compost heaps and waste sewage treatment systems.
  • [11:10] What is a writer’s most important tool?
  • [12:15] Vicky has many notebooks and she shares what each of them are.
  • [13:20] Notebooks, sticky notes, and highlighter pens are all part of Vicky’s complex system.
  • [14:15] What are the things you need to capture as a writer?
  • [17:20] After stories and anecdotes that can also go in your notebook, Joe reads out “the list of transgressions by your husband” and Vicky explains.
  • [18:50] Why do we write all these ideas down?  
  • [19:55] Record the context of your ideas as well. Vicky expounds further.
  • [21:40] These notes will be delightful when you read them in the years to come.
  • [22:55] Vicky shares her top tip explaining why she has a tiny notebook by her bed.
  • [24:30] Vicky also records stuff that hurts and explains why she wants to remember that stuff.
  • [26:05] Vicky tells a story through applying what she learned from the book, The Art Of Noticing.
  • [27:00] Joe summarizes the key takeaways for today’s topic and Vicky shares her recommendation for notebooks.
  • [28:40] Vicky asks you to join Team Moxie, her wonderful writing group, and what it’s all about.
  • [30:35] It’s gonna be Vicky’s ten year business anniversary! What is she going to do on that day?
  • [32:00] A little teaser for next week’s episode.

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