Day 23: Rewrite a fairytale

Day 23: Rewrite a fairytale

Bit more of a creative writing prompt today.

Pick a fairytale, and rewrite it in the vein you’d like to see it.

So maybe you’d want to rewrite Cinderella such that she doesn’t need a handsome prince to rescue her by falling in love with her shoe size, and instead builds a sisterhood with her stepsisters instead of letting the patriarchy set women against each other.

Or maybe Little Red Riding Hood would fall in love with the wolf instead of murdering him.

Or maybe Hansel and Gretel would be less bratty and not eat an old lady’s house.

For inspiration—check out Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, in which she retells fairytales for adults. They’re brilliant and disturbing.

Actually fairytales, in their original format, were pretty horrific as they were.

Anyway—have at it!

Set a timer for 5 minutes and see what you can come up with.

Happy writing!



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