Day 29: Compost heaps

Day 29: Compost heaps

We have a compost heap in our garden, up near the chickens.

It’s handy for chucking chicken poo in when we clean out the coop.

And for all our veg peelings and stalks and whatnots.

It’s full of life, is that compost heap—if you dig around gently, you find slow-worms in there! Which is so cool.

And Joe found an avocado plant growing from a stone, but then we accidentally buried it under a new pile of chicken poo, and so I still don’t have an avocado tree.

I’d deliberately plant one, but the chickens like to get in there and root around, so they’d probably just smash it to bits.

My brain is also a compost heap, and so are shitty first drafts—big piles of poo from which beauty can grow, given the right conditions.

That’s the purpose of these prompts, really—to seed the compost heap of your brain, and nudge you into writing something that may become something awesome.

How does that make you feel?

What does that prompt you to write today?

Set a timer and crack on.


Happy writing!



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