5 good minutes is enough ⏲️

5 good minutes is enough ⏲️

I don’t know about you, but my days are incredibly full.

I haven’t shut my business, so I’m not swimming in free time; and although my client work has dipped, I’m using this time to do stuff I’ve been wanting to do for ages: write my new audiobook, put the systems together for the live book writing course I’m running in June, and training to get my splits.

I’m doing loads of online fitness training with my aerial studio (and teaching a bunch of classes too). I’m gardening and deep-cleaning the house. Continuing to learn Spanish and play the guitar badly.

And I’m doing the shopping for my area of our village.

Maybe you’re in a similar position… plus now you’ve got the kids at home all day so you’re homeschooling too. If that’s the case… maaaaaan I salute you. You’re amazing.

But there’s other stuff I want to do, too. How on earth to fit it in? AND have the odd, you know, reading session or Netflix binge?

Good question.

I’m a huge fan of James Clear, as you will know if you’ve been reading my missives for a while.

I also follow him on Twitter and the other day I stumbled across this tweet of his:

What can you do with 5 good minutes?I had a think about what we could do with 5 good minutes. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Organising a chaotic cupboard
  • Deep cleaning a kitchen appliance
  • Sitting in the sunshine listening to birds and bees
  • Discovering some new music
  • Doodling a quick cartoon
  • Journaling to calm racing thoughts
  • Phone call to someone you love
  • Yoga stretching to wake you up and get you moving

If you only have 5 minutes, you can get a surprising amount done. If you have a little more than 5 minutes, you’ll feel like carrying on.

What are you going to spend 5 good minutes on today?How about spending those 5 minutes on your book. Here’s what you could accomplish:

  • Nailing down the bones of your Big Book Idea
  • Scribbling a high-level outline of your entire book
  • Sketching the details of one of your chapters
  • Writing the Shitty First Draft of your introduction
  • Researching book covers and saving 5 or 6 that you like the look of as inspiration
  • Brainstorming titles

Hit the comments and let me know how you get on.And remember if you want more help, you can grab a copy of my book here (and remember to use the code MYCORONA for 25% off).Vickyp.s. if you want more help with your book, grab a Book Kickstarter Call with me. Send me an email and tell me you’re interested, and I’ll send you the details.

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