Episode 244: It Doesn’t Matter Where You Start!

Episode 244: It Doesn’t Matter Where You Start!

Show Notes

Vicky and Joe wander into 2021 with a change of name, a Christmas report, and some sage advice about where to start your book. Tune in to find out where most authors get stuck, why it happens, and how you can go from struggling to motivated just by changing your starting position. Hurrah!

Key Points

  • [1:30] Vicky is changing her last name, but don’t worry, Joe is still in the picture!
  • [5:25] It’s so lovely taking a break and chilling out during the end of the year.
  • [7:00] Didn’t get a day off during December? Maybe consider taking one off during January.
  • icky feels great after the break!
  • [7:30] It doesn’t matter where you start (when it comes to writing your book)!
  • [10:00] You don’t have to write your book in order. If you’re struck, then skip a chapter (for now).
  • [12:00] Every book Vicky has written has ended up somewhere different than when she has started.
  • [14:15] Should you start on the ‘hardest thing’ on your book? Vicky thinks no. Why make it harder on yourself?
  • [17:10] There are no rules. You can start writing your book at any point in its journey. Just start.
  • [19:55] Want to write a book, but everything has already been said?
  • [20:35] Want to know how to start writing a nonfiction story? Tune in next week! Mentioned in This Episode:


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