Episode 262: The Magic of Tiny Stories

Episode 262: The Magic of Tiny Stories

Show Notes

Vicky and Joe talk tiny tales, things that make Vicky cry, and why Joe ruins stories. Vicky has a rant about big dramatic Hollywood blockbuster-style rags to riches stories (especially the ones exaggerated by the bro marketers of the world) and explains why boring stories are not in fact boring at all, and why they’re the only ones that’ll really change the world. Tune in and find out how you can never run out of stories to tell again.

 Key Points

  • [6:40] Vicky and Joe have a very nice patio at Project Dingle!
  • [9:45] We don’t need to go looking for big dramatic Hollywood films to find a good story.
  • [11:40] What makes a good story?
  • [13:10] The media tends to focus on the big rags to riches stories, but you can have a ‘little’ story to share and it’ll still make a big impact.
  • [13:45] Do you think your story isn’t interesting enough?
  • [15:00] You don’t have to suffer dramatically to create amazing stories.
  • [17:10] Vicky shares examples of what makes a good story.
  • [20:35] It’s difficult to change people. Instead, find out who they want to be.
  • [22:45] How does Vicky find her stories?
  • [26:20] Don’t be afraid to write what you feel.
  • [28:25] Vicky has an audiobook! Go get it ! 
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