Episode 287: Is it a good idea though?

Episode 287: Is it a good idea though?

Show Notes

Join Vicky and Joe as they talk for 9 whole minutes about pickles, swear at UK politicians, then move onto a brief anecdote about Idi Amin. If you can sit through all that, you’ll get a well-organised, valuable, and helpful podcast about how to figure out if your book idea is any good. And we wish you a very merry Christmas, so there’s that, too. Thank you so much for being awesome all year, folks! Vicky xo

 Key Points

  • [5:55] Hey! Merry Christmas everybody!
  • [7:00] Vicky and Joe love pickled things during Christmas.
  • [9:45] Why do people gather? And how do you design a good gathering?
  • [14:20] How do you know if you have a good book idea?
  • [16:10] Don’t write 50k words only to realize you have a terrible idea!
  • [19:15] Vicky offers some questions to ask yourself to help you validate your idea.
  • [21:00] If there’s lots of information on the topic you’re writing about, that’s a good thing!
  • [25:00] Do some digging in Amazon. What are people also buying when they’re interested in your topic?
  • [27:10] Making your whole book a big sales pitch is rude!
  • [29:15] Have an email newsletter? Which emails get the most replies? 

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