You are not a sofa

You are not a sofa

There’s a scene in the TV show Friends involving Ross, Rachel, Chandler, a flight of stairs, and a sofa.

It cracks me up every time.And right now, the entire internet is Ross and I am Chandler.Not that pivoting is a bad idea right now; it’s a bloody GREAT idea.It’s just that everyone is bellowing the same thing but most people aren’t really saying much that’s actually helpful. Or offering much that’s helpful.(notable exceptions here are Hillary Weiss, Margo Aaron, Suzi Gray, Jon McCulloch, Kevin Whitehouse, Kenda Macdonald, Dom Hodgson, and a bunch of other smarty-pants whom you’ll definitely want to listen to)And I hope I’m not being Ross, either. I don’t think I’ve mentioned the word PIVAAAAAAT at all. Until now.So, have you thought about pivoting?In all seriousness, though, maybe this is the week you chill out and breathe.For the past two weeks, I have been a frantic blur of busywork and accomplished very little. I launched myself into a constant stream of content on social (mostly meant to be entertaining, not firehosing info at you) and planning.Then I burned out a little bit.Then I realised: I don’t have to do all the things right now. That was just a stress reaction. Many people had a similar stress reaction. Other people hid and went quiet. All this is fine.I spent the early part of this week breathing. Then, yesterday, I Made A Plan.I’m not rushing to create eleventy-billion new ‘HOW TO PIVAAAAAAAT’ products. I’m not offering everything I have for free (that be ridiculous). I’m not panic-selling in a totally tone-deaf way.Instead, I’m listening. I’m figuring out what my people want and need, and working on that.I’d like you to do the same.Stop. Breathe. Listen.Then pick a thing and do it.Perhaps your One Thing is to simply hunker down and spend time with your family, fight over jigsaw puzzles, learn dances on TikTok, homeschool your kids and your cat, and stay safe and healthy. That’s cool and don’t let anyone productivity-shame you into exhausting yourself. Not everyone has more time in lockdown (I certainly don’t).Perhaps it’s to figure out how to help people online instead of off. If that’s the case, and you have a question, hit reply and ask it. I’ll answer it in an email or a video (or point you in the direction of someone who can help because I sure as shiz don’t have all the answers).Or maybe it’s to write your book, so by the time this is all over and we’re out into a brave new world, you’ll be able to slide into it with your shiny new book in your hand. Which would be ACE, don’t you think?If Option 3 is your thang, I’d like to help.Start with my book, which you can grab a copy of here. And make sure you use the code MYCORONA for 25% off because every little helps at the moment amiright? which is valid until April 15.If you already have my book, yay for you!In that case, you might wanna hop on a 45-minute Book Kickstarter call with me. They’re normally £250 + VAT but I’m doing them half-price for the duration of the Coronapocalypse.If you want in, send me an email and tell me you want to kickstart your book.

p.p.s. remember to use the code MYCORONA when you hop over here to grab a copy of my book

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