Day 15: Most recent cinema trip

Day 15: Most recent cinema trip

Ugh at the time of writing this I cannot even remember the last time I went to the cinema. Well before the plague hit, I know that.

So instead, because I can’t remember what we saw, I’d like to tell you about the Electric Cinema in Birmingham.

It’s a beautiful old art deco building with three screens, in which you can pay a little extra to sit on a sofa if you like. Even the standard seats are big and comfy and have little tables.

The cinema closed in March 2020, for obvious reasons, and didn’t reopen again, and it seems they couldn’t revive their business. But a new owner has bought it and is preparing to reopen—hurrah!

If it continues in the same way, this is what you could expect…

You can take drinks and snacks in from the bar in the lobby, where they usually do themed cocktails and mocktails and eats. For example, if they’re showing a James Bond film, they’ll have drinks named for characters or plotlines. And, of course, a martini shaken not stirred.

If you run out of drinks mid-movie, you text the staff and they bring you whatever you like; it’s wonderful.

Even better: they don’t only show the latest films, they do polls and requests, and sometimes just the staff’s favourite movies. They have seasons, too—around Halloween, they’d do a series of horror movies. Valentine’s Day would have rom-coms (and sometimes off-the-wall choices to offset the sickly nature of V-Day).

Today’s prompt is all about your most recent cinema trip, and you may choose to write about the film… but what about the movie theatre itself? Is it noteworthy?

Set your timer and go go go…

Happy writing!



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