Day 17: Growing vegetables

Day 17: Growing vegetables

My friend and client Jocelyn Brady, Brain Coach and Amazing Human, recently put a post on LinkedIn where she asked

“When’s the last time you felt


those moments that … take your breath away


transport you into a stateof feeling like everything is so HUGEand we are just a tiny part of the tapestry”

(she wrote more too but this will do for now)

And I replied:

I find it growing vegetables. Here is this little inert nubbin that I’m gonna stick in dirt and throw water at, and it will grow a plant. Then I’ll keep watering it and ACTUAL FOOD will appear that I can EAT. That boggles me. Seed —> food. And I grew it. WTF.

Also when the sun goes down over the ocean and there is a golden path you should be able to walk along.

Also the stars and all that they hold.

Also stories.

Also the fact that we are here now like WHAT ARE THE ODDS

So this is a prompt about growing vegetables, but really it’s a prompt about what growing vegetables means to me.

So REALLY I am asking you: what makes you feel awe and wonder?

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write.

Then go outside and experience some awe and wonder for yourself. It’s important.



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