Day 21: Squirrel Appreciation Day

Day 21: Squirrel Appreciation Day

Yes, I know people call them tree rats for good reason, and yes I know grey squirrels are a real problem in the UK because they’ve out-competed red squirrels…

But let me ask you this: can YOU jump ten times your own length in one magnificent leap? Didn’t think so.

I love squirrels. They’re right little characters: very smart, cheeky, and extremely acrobatic. Just take this Circus Squirrel which was doing trapeze on the bird feeder outside my office.

Some people love squirrels so much they set up Squirrel Appreciation Day. That person was wildlife rehabilitation specialist, Christy Hargrove, who founded National Squirrel Appreciation Day in Asheville, North Carolina in 2001.

So what’s today’s writing prompt, you may wonder? Well, squirrels is the obvious one: your feelings about them.


What animal do you think deserves a national—or international—appreciation day?

I could say the panda, but that’d be too obvious. Elephants are my faves.


Set your timer and explain yourself, please. And remember to tag me on the socials, especially if you have a cute animal picture to go with your writing!

Happy writing!



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