Day 25: Are you ever bored?

Day 25: Are you ever bored?

Interesting question, this, because I’m often bored… and yet I’m rarely bored for longer than a few minutes.

I know, that sounds like an absolute contradiction, and it kind of is. Only it also isn’t.

I quickly get tired of things when the shine wears off—you should see the number of half-written books, half-created products, and half-made webpages lurking in my life. Not to mention the trail of abandoned hobbies, complete with supplies I’ve purchased to indulge said hobby.

It’s interesting—the ones that have stuck have been ones that are a little bit extra. Like trapeze and pole dancing, where the only boredom comes from not trying something new, that I might not be able to do. Or writing, where I get to just empty my head in a variety of different styles and voices.

The really fascinating thing about boredom, to me, is that it’s necessary to become comfortable with boredom if we want to get good at something. Like writing. I have to write every day—and I do—if I want to be the best I can possibly be. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, excellence-wise… but I’m improving a tiny bit each day because I practice every day. Even when I feel bored.

So my job is to a) get comfortable being bored and b) because of the way I am wired, turn boredom into fun.

But I digress. It’s your turn.

Are you ever bored?


Set a timer for 5 minutes and explore your thoughts…

Happy writing!



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