Day 30: New Year plans?

Day 30: New Year plans?

I used to shun New Year. I’d sulk massively, rebelling against the pressure to have An Amazing Time In Public.

I objected to the inflated prices of pubs and clubs, and objected more to the obnoxiously drunken fools I’d inevitably encounter.

So I started a tradition of wearing pyjamas and being a misery bear on New Year’s Eve.

These days, though, we play Dungeons & Dragons with our nerdmates, and eat a feast, and laugh a lot, and that’s much more fun!

What do you do? What are you doing this year?

Write it all out and tell the story behind your New Year traditions—or perhaps there’s a memorable New Year party that springs to mind…

Set your timer for 5 minutes and enjoy this time for you and your creativity.

Happy writing!


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