Episode 296: Maybe Your Imposter Syndrome is Right

Episode 296: Maybe Your Imposter Syndrome is Right

Show Notes

Imposter syndrome: is it a bug, or a feature? Vicky and Joe talk self-doubt, evolution, and go on a side-quest about what kind of tail they’d have if they could switch those tail genes back on. They also confirm, once again, that Joe is in fact a robot, albeit a very lovely and handsome one. Tune in and find out how you can use your self-doubt as a tool to do the things that matter to you, rather than letting it shit in your milk.

 Key Points

  • [0:55] The cats are gonna be a part of this week’s podcast! They’re looking for a fight!
  • [01:30] Vicky talks about renaming the podcast. What would it be this time?
  • [02:20] Vic ky shares about her last Write Night and sends thank you’s to everyone!
  • [02:50] Joe says he’s not smart enough to read Umberto Eco. Why is that? 
  • [04:40] Spoiler alert: Vicky shares the ending of The Wheel of Time Book 1!
  • [06:10] Vicky’s anxiety has its own entity which draws her to Georgia Pritchett’s book.
  • [7:30] Vicky and Joe talk about their poopocalypse.
  • [10:05] What are the two choices you have if you have imposter syndrome?
  • [11:00] Vicky defines what imposter syndrome is. She shares her own experience with it.
  • [13:50] Seventy percent of the population feels like a fraud. Joe also shares his own experience.
  • [15:15] Maybe it’s not a syndrome at all but a feature of being human. Vicky expounds further.
  • [18:30] Imposter syndrome must serve a useful function. What would that be?
  • [21:46] Vicky asks herself, “What if my imposter syndrome is right?”. She shares what her thought process would then be like.
  • [24:20] Vicky talks about her internal filters when she shares about something that she really cares about.
  • [26:15] When your self-doubt is kicking in, don’t fight it. Vicky shares a little reminder.
  • [27:20] We care about what people think about us.
  • [28:10] Vicky shares the questions she asks herself when she is self-doubting.
  • [28:35] Joe summarizes the key takeaways.
  • [29:20] Here’s what’s coming up next week!
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