New year new…?

New year new…?

Within the haze of end-of-year parties and admist the overindulgence of the festive feasting period glows an ember.

​The glimmer of an idea.

The hope that perhaps this year will be different.

Maybe this will be the year we’ll write our books or run that marathon or start that business or go after that big contract.

It burns brightly against the slurry of “new year new you” – that mantra trotted out by everyone in order to shame us into spending money to become someone we’re not. Someone we know, deep down, we’ll never be (but we buy into it anyway because they shout so loudly).

How often does someone say to you that you are enough? You, now, as you are.

You don’t need to become a whole new person. Not overnight, anyway, and perhaps never.

What you need is an idea and a desire that burns brightly enough to overcome the inertia and the fear and the doubt.

Then you need to take one tiny beetle step towards it. Then another. And another. Every day, another tiny beetle step.

Turn that glimmer into a fire that burns hot enough to push you into action.

What do you want to achieve this year?

What are you willing to endure to make it happen?

What tiny beetle step can you take first?

Happy new year, dear reader. May you stand up and grab it with both hands, and turn it into your best year yet, whatever that looks like for you.

p.s. if you want to write your book in 2020, keep your eyes peeled over the next few days. I’m launching a free writing challenge to help you build a habit of taking tiny beetle steps.

You can start today: hit the comments and tell me about the book you’ve got burning a hole in your skull.

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Vicky Fraser is the founder of Moxie Books and author of How The Hell Do You Write A Book and Business For Superheroes. She helps business owners write life-changing books, connect with readers and new customers, and grow their businesses. When she’s not doing that, she’s hanging from a trapeze by her feet.