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One 3-star review ⭐⭐⭐

The blood drained from my face and I was in instant panic mode: mouth like sandpaper, stomach churning.The backs of my eyes prickled and I gulped.Joe, alarmed: "What's up?""This. Look. I don't know why


Living with purpose

I will never stop speaking out about what I feel is wrong or right.I will never stop learning and unlearning and growing.I will not dampen my voice or shrink my presence or water down my opinions to


🧟 Dead before you even start

My buddy Dom Hodgson is Europe's leading Pet Biz Coach.He's a cheeky monkey and he's the Pet Biz Wiz and he gets astounding results for his clients.He also gets... comments from armchair experts.Like


😃 😃 😃 Tell me about yourself

"Tell me about yourself"Four little words guaranteed to strike terror into most people's hearts, especially if we're standing in front of a roomful of people.Am I right?And yet...The story we're most


Peel your eyes

Horrible expression, isn't it, keep your eyes peeled.Like they're grapes.Ewwww.I apologise for the tangent before we've even got started, but I wanted you to keep an eye out for something.A phenomenon


Never has pain felt so exquisite

​I reached up to the bar, lifted my feet up and off, lowered myself to the ground– and did my little happy Snoopy dance.128 days ago, I got off a trapeze with no idea as to when I'd be able to get


Daffodils aren’t supposed to be anxious

​​​"I'm worried about the daffodils!" I blurted.Joe stared at me. "Um. What?""The daffodils!" I wailed.Anxiety is a funny thing. It manifests in bizarre ways. Like a couple of years ago, when I


Choking the onions

​​The onions are choking.They've been choking for 3 weeks now and all I've done is feel guilty as I walk past.Until yesterday morning."I'll just weed the first row," I said to myself. "It'll only

a look of horror

The 67,000 mile-an-hour Book

​Don't have time to write a book? Read on...​We're hurtling around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour. And the Earth is spinning at around 1,000 miles per hour. (Sometimes I spin around my office at


This is your brain 🧠 on knowledge

​The more I learn about anything, the more I realise I don't know much at all.Learning is bizarre because our brains get everything barse-ackwards.When we know nothing at all about a subject, and we

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