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a look of horror

The 67,000 mile-an-hour Book

​Don't have time to write a book? Read on...​We're hurtling around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour. And the Earth is spinning at around 1,000 miles per hour. (Sometimes I spin around my office at


This is your brain 🧠 on knowledge

​The more I learn about anything, the more I realise I don't know much at all.Learning is bizarre because our brains get everything barse-ackwards.When we know nothing at all about a subject, and we


Why do I always procrastinate?

Are we asking the right questions?I don't always ask good questions. I ask obvious ones.Like, "Why do I always procrastinate?"When I ask myself a question like that, my brain comes up with answers like:Because


📺Do you have a reader magnet? 📺

Your book is just the beginning...It's not enough to have a book out there (although that is AWESOME obviously) – it needs to work for you.Which means it needs to bring a steady stream of highly qualified

Cup of tea

A Nice Cup of Tea

George Orwell's Essay on TeaI'm a huge fan of George Orwell. Not just his novels; his essays, too.This is one of my favourites, and on this National Tea Day in the UK, I think it's time you read it,


Forward to normal

'We can't go back. We can never go back!''I know! And I keep hearing people say it!'^^This was a snippet from a conversation my good friend Yinka and I had the other day.How many times have you heard


Beaker is in da houzzzzzzzzzz

Beaker is in da houuuuuuuzzzzzzIt's happened.He's cracked.Well, actually, I cracked after being badgered for more than a week.Joe has almost totally morphed into Beaker from the Muppets with the addition


3 top tips to get book reviews on Amazon

Watch the video here: Listen to the podcast here:It feels like banging your head against a brick wall.You’ve written a great book, you’re getting wonderful feedback on it, people are contacting


What do you want to do?

Has anyone asked you yet what you want to do?As we go into week 4 of lockdown in the UK, there's loads of advice flying around.Some good, some bad, some indifferent.And there's loads of action online


Deeper not wider

"But why?"That's the question I was asking myself as I did an online flexibility class.The teacher was firing instructions at us and I was struggling to keep up.I'm bendier than the average 41-year-old

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