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Smooshing the propaganda machine

Protests vs riots. Assertive vs angry.Passionate vs emotional.Confident vs up-herself.Speaks out vs rails against.How much attention do you pay to the language that seeps into your brain every day,


Did you go to finishing school?

When I were a lass, Enid Blyton carried me away from my bedroom with tales of adventure and whimsy.And also tales of schooldays that were so far removed from my own, I could barely imagine what it must


How to Choose a Book Coach

The short, sweet, and comprehensive guide to choosing a book coach who understands how to get your Big Book Idea out of your magical brain and onto paperThis is where the manuscripts lie; not dead…but


Time Travel & Proof that Humans Don’t Change

Around 3,775 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia, a man utters the words, “What do you take me for!” thus demonstrating that humans don’t change.Nanni was angry. So angry, he went to the trouble of


Make the Uncomfortable Comfortable

There are some people who do not have a fear response. In the face of danger, they laugh and run towards it (literally). One of the causes is an unusual genetic disorder called Urbach-Wiethe disease,


Like Wholesome Cocaine for Your Soul

On March 16, 2020, like an unwound clock, I stopped.That’s the day we went into lockdown in the UK. I only expected to stop for a few days — to recover from the whiplash of a global pandemic —


There’s a row on the internet

Last week, there was a row on my Facebook timeline.Well, not so much a row, as a demonstration of white male privilege at its worst.In the face of dozens of women sharing stories and actual facts and


Your body is incredible

My body is a thing of wonder.And so is yours.I’m two weeks into a six-week handstand course right now and the teacher, Kyle Wieger, is super. Yes, there’s lots of drills and skills and strength and


The horrors of tight jumpers

Tight jumpers (I remember having a meltdown as a child because my mum made me wear a blouse with puffy sleeves, then put a tight cardigan on over the top. Got the panicky sweats just thinking about it


Writing lessons from Beetrice ?

I wish you could have met Beetrice.She was a little mason bee who moved into my office over the spring and summer.My office is a log cabin and there are nooks and crannies where the logs interlock, making

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