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Beaker is in da houzzzzzzzzzz

Beaker is in da houuuuuuuzzzzzzIt's happened.He's cracked.Well, actually, I cracked after being badgered for more than a week.Joe has almost totally morphed into Beaker from the Muppets with the addition

Small boy with ice cream all over his face

How Gluttony Could Derail Your Book

Image credit: Ross Sokolovski​Watch the video here: Listen to the podcast here:Gluttonous writing makes miserable reading...It was a little like something from a horror movie: in the silence among


How to Write About Yourself (Without Sounding Like a Canoe)

"Aargh! I hate writing my about page!" Yep, we all do, toots. We all find it tough. How do you strike that careful balance between "hilarious, kind, and helpful" and "obnoxious douchecanoe"?


15 Reasons to Write a Book

Listen to the podcast here:Watch the video here: Make 2020 the year you write your book…Ever thought about writing a book but never quite got started? You’re not alone.Here are 15 reasons


Atomic Habits: My Book of the Year in 2019

Want to know how I've gone from a chaotic cranefly who couldn't get out of bed to a 6 am person who writes every day and sometimes eats like a healthy adult?It was a book what did it.Yep: I'm about to


New year new…?

Within the haze of end-of-year parties and admist the overindulgence of the festive feasting period glows an ember.​The glimmer of an idea.The hope that perhaps this year will be different.Maybe this


Why your projects are always late…

The optimism bias — what it is, and how to beat it so you can finish your book“It’ll take me a week, max, to do the final edit on my book,” I declared.Oh, how I’m laughing, hollowly and bitterly,


The morning monster cure

Despite all my best intentions, I am truly horrible at getting up early in the morning.​For a few months, I tried to be a 5 am person.There were a few of us in a mentoring group and we decided we wanted

Derek the donkey thinks learning BJJ is hard

The Splendour Of Hard Things

It’s much easier to laze around on the sofa than it is to stand up and do the thing you need to do.Right? I'm extremely talented at lazing around, half-in and half-out of a box of Quality Street.We’re


Don’t write like you speak!

​Oh my gosh, how many times have I heard the advice "write like you speak"?(So many, that if I had a spoon for every time I heard it, I'd never run out of teaspoons again. What happens to teaspoons?

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