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Just Getting Started?

What to do if you’re just starting out on your Author Adventure: planning, preparation, and dealing with your Inner Dickhead



  • Embrace boredom because that’s where magic happens

    If you want to write a book and you’re not doing it, your problem isn’t that you don’t have time. It’s not that you need more info. And you definitely don’t need another £49 “how to write a bestseller in a week” template. Your problem is that you are not permitted to be bored.

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  • Ep44 - Write Your Way to a Better Work Story

    When I used to have a job, I often wondered why it sucked so much.
    Of course, part of the problem was me and my attitude. Part of the problem was my undiagnosed AuDHD.

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  • Blog: Story ain’t the big banana

    Everybody worries about being a good storyteller but story ain’t the big banana. Story is just the vehicle for your IDEA .If you don’t have a strong idea and solid point of view, your story will have about as much impact as a fart in a hurricane. Stop worrying about your writing for 5 minutes and focus on your idea.

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  • Do you cause your own headaches, too? 😭

    Me: why do I have a headache again? Also me: stares at sleep app showing a sleep debt of 4,184 hours.(I exaggerate but honestly only slightly.) Ah. That might be why my head hurts. And why I can see tweety birds in my peripheral vision. How can my sleep debt be this high?

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  • Road disappearing into dark night, with stop sign

    What would happen if I let go of this need to be impressive, and instead focused on feeling and thinking on paper? What would happen if I played around with different styles, and wrote questionable poetry, and fictionalised some of my experiences?

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  • Writing for Joy

    Right now we could all use a little more joy, and fun, and space to do something just for ourselves, just because we want to.

    Not because it will be useful or profitable or productive, necessarily.

    But for the sheer joy of it.

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