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Commit no nuisance

On Facebook the other day, my sister-in-law posted a picture that made me snort with laughter.It's a splendid example of English scolding: "commit no nuisance".But it got me thinking about how things

Scratching out eyes

On Finding Mudita

Image credit: KatieSzAs well as an Inner Dickhead, I also have an Inner Toddler.My Inner Toddler gives face, voice, and rage to my least-favourite emotion: envy.Here's an article about envy and


Are you a shenanigator?

Seth Godin calls it making a ruckus.​Which I like.But I call it being a shenanigator.(Well, I do now, ever since my friend Jodie sent me a thing explaining that the word "shenanigator" means "one who


The Two Voices in Your Head

What's it like inside your skull?Is it serene, like goldfish – or hectic, like angry chickens?What do your inner voices whisper – or shout – at you?Take a moment to listen to the conversations


How to Write About Yourself (Without Sounding Like a Canoe)

"Aargh! I hate writing my about page!" Yep, we all do, toots. We all find it tough. How do you strike that careful balance between "hilarious, kind, and helpful" and "obnoxious douchecanoe"?


15 Reasons to Write a Book

Listen to the podcast here:Watch the video here: Make 2020 the year you write your book…Ever thought about writing a book but never quite got started? You’re not alone.Here are 15 reasons


Atomic Habits: My Book of the Year in 2019

Want to know how I've gone from a chaotic cranefly who couldn't get out of bed to a 6 am person who writes every day and sometimes eats like a healthy adult?It was a book what did it.Yep: I'm about to


Don’t rely on your friends

​Guess what? Your friends and family probably won't pull out their wallets for your book.Why should they?I write this with no bitterness – or, at least, I don't feel scratchy about it anymore.A few


the 1%-ers

At the pole studio, we encourage our students to take photos and record videos.We all do the selfie thing; and not just because it's fun to show off a little sometimes to our non-aerial friends, who


You are not your business

Sometimes, my husband Joe is incredibly insightful – despite the fact he insists he mostly has goldfish swimming around in his head.He pointed something out to me yesterday, and it got me thinking.I

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