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Just be yourself okay?

How many times have you heard someone say something like, "Just be yourself! BE YOURSELF!"And you're over in the corner thinking, "But WHO THE HELL AM I, KAREN?"Me. That's been me.In the corner, whimpering,


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The blood drained from my face and I was in instant panic mode: mouth like sandpaper, stomach churning.The backs of my eyes prickled and I gulped.Joe, alarmed: "What's up?""This. Look. I don't know why


Living with purpose

I will never stop speaking out about what I feel is wrong or right.I will never stop learning and unlearning and growing.I will not dampen my voice or shrink my presence or water down my opinions to


🧟 Dead before you even start

My buddy Dom Hodgson is Europe's leading Pet Biz Coach.He's a cheeky monkey and he's the Pet Biz Wiz and he gets astounding results for his clients.He also gets... comments from armchair experts.Like


😃 😃 😃 Tell me about yourself

"Tell me about yourself"Four little words guaranteed to strike terror into most people's hearts, especially if we're standing in front of a roomful of people.Am I right?And yet...The story we're most


Peel your eyes

Horrible expression, isn't it, keep your eyes peeled.Like they're grapes.Ewwww.I apologise for the tangent before we've even got started, but I wanted you to keep an eye out for something.A phenomenon


Never has pain felt so exquisite

​I reached up to the bar, lifted my feet up and off, lowered myself to the ground– and did my little happy Snoopy dance.128 days ago, I got off a trapeze with no idea as to when I'd be able to get


Daffodils aren’t supposed to be anxious

​​​"I'm worried about the daffodils!" I blurted.Joe stared at me. "Um. What?""The daffodils!" I wailed.Anxiety is a funny thing. It manifests in bizarre ways. Like a couple of years ago, when I


Choking the onions

​​The onions are choking.They've been choking for 3 weeks now and all I've done is feel guilty as I walk past.Until yesterday morning."I'll just weed the first row," I said to myself. "It'll only

a look of horror

The 67,000 mile-an-hour Book

​Don't have time to write a book? Read on...​We're hurtling around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour. And the Earth is spinning at around 1,000 miles per hour. (Sometimes I spin around my office at

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