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How To Outline Your Business Book Lightning Fast

Photo by Josep Castells on UnsplashQuick Summary...When you sit down to write a book and you realise just how much bloody hard work is involved, and you're staring at the Blank Page Of Doom in despair,


Why aren’t you achieving your goals?

​​"Why aren't you achieving your goals?"That's the subject line of an email that arrived in my inbox from my good friend Yinka earlier this week.I'll be honest, it was like being punched in the stomach.


4 Lurking Horrors That’ll Kill Your Book

Quick SummaryBeware the spooks, ghouls, and monsters lurking in the shadows, waiting to destroy your book…Ghosts, ghouls, and demons aren’t real, of course — but that doesn’t mean you and your


Criticism Hurts: How To Take The Sting Off

Writing a book? At some point, you’ll need to get feedback and take criticism… and that’s tough. Here’s my advice…Are you willing to take the risk that half the people who read your book will