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What to do if you’re just starting out on your Author Adventure: planning, preparation, and dealing with your Inner Dickhead



  • 3 top tips to get book reviews on Amazon

    You’ve written a great book, you’re getting wonderful feedback on it, people are contacting to tell you how they’re getting on and how much they love the book, and yet on Amazon... it’s crickets.

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  • Lessons From My Book Launch

    If anyone ever tells you launching a book (or any product, for that matter) is easy, smile sweetly and back away. They’re either lying, or utterly clueless.

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  • Growing Like a Rotting Badger

    If we’re not drinking the Koolaid, if we’re not hustling 24/7 and obsessing over growth, we’re somehow less than those other entrepreneurs and business owners we see crushing it every day. I call bullshit. Not all growth is healthy.

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  • Having a religious experience

    You can create a sacred space even in a shared office, a busy home, or a public café; it just takes a little ingenuity and a certain amount of hard-headed resolve.

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  • Same-Same But Different

    What would you do with your business and your products and services if there were no rules? If nobody was watching? If you could guarantee nobody would laugh?

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  • Strippers shafted by sharecropping

    Use all the tools at your disposal: build a rabid Instagram following, especially if your business is visual like aerial arts, painting, cartooning, and exotic dancing – but please don't make it the only thing you do.

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  • Don’t drink and prime

    Don't just read; do.

    Of course, some books make it easier to do that than others... Like my new book How The Hell Do You Write A Book. It not only makes it super simple for you to take action on what you're learning, it also helps you write a book of your own that people will read and use and get value from.

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