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On Keeping a Notebook

“Advanced porridge spinning.”I stare at the scribbled sentence in my notebook, biting back a giggle. I’d almost forgotten.Back when Joe and I were first married, the first time we stayed over at


Maybe Your Imposter Syndrome is Right

“Your bladder is lying to you!” I hiss to myself, between iron-clamped teeth. “You do not need to pee again.”And yet, I’m gonna go and try to squeeze out another drop anyway because what if

Vicky wears a faux-fur coat and is face down on a hotel bed in Bruges, being idle.

The Virtues of Idleness

In 410BC, on a warm Tuesday evening at approximately 9.15 pm, Socrates’s wife Xanthippe slapped an empty plate down in front of him at dinner.She was making a point: she ran the household and raised

Cartoon person sitting amongst a whirlwind of things including Derek the Donkey in an actual whirlwind

Harness Your Inner Toddler + Start Asking WHY

I know people who iron their bedsheets.I’m not knocking them: all power to their elbows. And their wrists and shoulders. But honestly who has time to iron bedsheets?You may have guessed that I am not

Vicky hangs in a tangle of trapeze, not quite sure what she’s going to do next

The Magical Shitty First Draft

Every time I sit down to write it’s like whack-a-mole: which obstacle is my brain gonna chuck in the way today? Who knows? It’s a surprise!One consistent blockage, though, is my arrogant and pathological

Advent calendar with text: Thisis our advent calendar. Every year we fill it with sweets and little notes to each other. This year we have filled it with ideas. Future stories.

Filling Your Bucket

Back in March 2020, it was like the entire world took a giant swig from the DRINK ME bottle, as we hurtled down the rabbit hole.I.e. the world shrunk.And individually, I shrank. Like many people, I retreated

The front of our black and white timber frame cottage with all the lower walls missing aargh

What if…?

“What if we made the door?” I said...When life throws you bathroom door quotes for £656, make your own damn door.My husband and I are—well, I’d like to say halfway through renovating our 400-year-old


Why the World Needs Your Book

Photo by Tom Podmore on UnsplashIf you’re considering not writing your book this year, think again. If you’re tempted to put it off for any reason—please think again.The world needs


Habits: Let’s Talk About Running

Let’s talk about running.People think, because I am a trapeze performer and I am slim and have defined muscles, that I am also fit. They think I have good stamina and can do things that fit people


Smooshing the propaganda machine

Protests vs riots. Assertive vs angry.Passionate vs emotional.Confident vs up-herself.Speaks out vs rails against.How much attention do you pay to the language that seeps into your brain every day,

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