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13 Books That’ll Help You Become A Better Writer

Quick Summary...Two questions get fired at me often:How can I become a better writer?What books do you recommend I read to get better at marketing my business?My answer to the first question is: write.


? we need tiny beetle steps not giant leaps

I've been working on a move on the trapeze for ages. Weeks.I couldn't do it and it was tremendously frustrating – like one of those dreams where you're trying to shout but no sound comes out.Then,


How Do You Come Up With All Your Ideas?

Quick Summary...Ever look at those snazzy business owners in your inbox and on the internet and wonder how on earth they come up with all their stories, emails, articles, and podcasts?Wonder no more—you


Asking The Right Questions

Quick SummaryWe spend so much time looking for answers, we rarely stop to think if we’re asking the right questions.And sometimes we don’t know which questions to ask at all…Which makes sitting


Your Pencils Could Always Be Sharper

Photo by Ramakant Sharda on UnsplashQuick SummaryHave you ever heard that answer in job interviews?The one that makes you feel faintly like defenestrating the guilty party who says, "Oh,


Writer’s Block Is A Big Hairy LIE

Quick SummaryHave you ever been stuck? Staring at the Blank Page of Doom in despair?Yep, me too.Have you ever blamed it on "writer's block"?Yep, me too.Here's the thing, though: there's no such thing as


How Talking To Your Clients Helps You Beat The Blank Page

Quick SummaryWriter’s block is a myth.It’s a condition invented by people who aren’t willing to sit down and Do The Work. It’s a syndrome concocted by those who believe in the Inspiration Fairy.


How To Beat “Writer’s Block”: 3 Fun Exercises To Get You Writing

Quick SummaryThree fun & creative exercises to get you out of your head and putting words onto paper Listen To Podcast:Watch The Video: Get stuck into the article...Don’t fear the Blank


Write Your Book’s Introduction In 3 Simple Steps

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”If you’ve seen the classic movie The Princess Bride, you’ll be familiar with the quote at the top of this article. But you


Will Writing A Business Book Make You Rich?

Thinking of writing a book for your business? Hoping to get rich quick? Read on, Macduff…“If writing a book is good enough for J. K. Rowling, it’s good enough for me! Yeah!”And who can blame you?J.

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