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Don’t write like you speak!

​Oh my gosh, how many times have I heard the advice "write like you speak"?(So many, that if I had a spoon for every time I heard it, I'd never run out of teaspoons again. What happens to teaspoons?


🎃 Haunted by horrific howlers

Staring in horror at the book in front of me, my heart stopped for a moment.Hell, the whole world stopped – and I wondered if it'd ever start up again.I could not believe what I was seeing: the table


4 Lurking Horrors That’ll Kill Your Book

Quick SummaryBeware the spooks, ghouls, and monsters lurking in the shadows, waiting to destroy your book…Ghosts, ghouls, and demons aren’t real, of course — but that doesn’t mean you and your


Criticism Hurts: How To Take The Sting Off

Writing a book? At some point, you’ll need to get feedback and take criticism… and that’s tough. Here’s my advice…Are you willing to take the risk that half the people who read your book will


5 Simple Steps To Help You Write The Blurb On The Back Of Your Book

Don’t treat it as an afterthought: the blurb on the back must persuade readers to buy—and it must do it in around 200 words.I have a confession to make: I loathe writing the back blurb for my books.