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Just Getting Started?

What to do if you’re just starting out on your Author Adventure: planning, preparation, and dealing with your Inner Dickhead



  • “I hate my book”

    Sometimes, people tell me they hate their book. Their work in progress.

    On occasion, I say it myself, about a book I’m working on.

    “Okay,” I say. “That’s okay.”

    And then I ask: “What do you mean by hate?”

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  • New year new…?

    Within the haze of end-of-year parties and admist the overindulgence of the festive feasting period glows an ember.

    The glimmer of an idea.

    The hope that perhaps this year will be different.

    Maybe this will be the year we'll write our books or run that marathon or start that business or go after that big contract.

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  • Why your projects are always late…

    Whether your project is a giant railway infrastructure, a cottage renovation, or writing your book, it will inevitably take way too long and cost much more than you budget. It’s because you suffer from the planning fallacy — with a healthy dose of optimism bias and overconfidence thrown in.

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  • The morning monster cure

    If you want to write your book, you need to build a good writing habit or you'll never manage it.

    What are you struggling with? What feels horrible?

    What if, instead of saying you'll write 500 words a morning, all you have to do is make a cup of tea, open your document, and scribble down what you're going to do next?

    Make it easy and make it attractive.

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  • Derek the donkey thinks learning BJJ is hard

    We think that unless we can make giant leaps forward and see enormous and sudden improvements in what we're doing, we're not doing anything.

    It's hard to keep going when keeping going is hard (and boring).

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  • 13 Books That’ll Help You Become A Better Writer

    Two questions get fired at me often:
    How can I become a better writer?
    What books do you recommend I read to get better at marketing my business?
    My answer to the first question is: write. Write every day and don’t worry too much if what you write is sometimes crap. You’ll get better.
    Write. Edit. Improve. Repeat.
    And read everything you can get your hands on, good and bad.

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  • How Do You Come Up With All Your Ideas?

    Ever look at those snazzy business owners in your inbox and on the internet and wonder how on earth they come up with all their stories, emails, articles, and podcasts? Wonder no more—you can do that too.

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  • Asking The Right Questions

    Knowing what questions to ask when you start to write your book is the hardest part… We spend so much time looking for answers, we rarely stop to think if we’re asking the right questions. And sometimes we don’t know which questions to ask at all…

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