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New year new…?

Within the haze of end-of-year parties and admist the overindulgence of the festive feasting period glows an ember.​The glimmer of an idea.The hope that perhaps this year will be different.Maybe this


Why your projects are always late…

The optimism bias — what it is, and how to beat it so you can finish your book“It’ll take me a week, max, to do the final edit on my book,” I declared.Oh, how I’m laughing, hollowly and bitterly,


The morning monster cure

Despite all my best intentions, I am truly horrible at getting up early in the morning.​For a few months, I tried to be a 5 am person.There were a few of us in a mentoring group and we decided we wanted

Derek the donkey thinks learning BJJ is hard

The Splendour Of Hard Things

It’s much easier to laze around on the sofa than it is to stand up and do the thing you need to do.Right? I'm extremely talented at lazing around, half-in and half-out of a box of Quality Street.We’re


13 Books That’ll Help You Become A Better Writer

Quick Summary...Two questions get fired at me often:How can I become a better writer?What books do you recommend I read to get better at marketing my business?My answer to the first question is: write.


How Do You Come Up With All Your Ideas?

Quick Summary...Ever look at those snazzy business owners in your inbox and on the internet and wonder how on earth they come up with all their stories, emails, articles, and podcasts?Wonder no more—you


Asking The Right Questions

Quick SummaryWe spend so much time looking for answers, we rarely stop to think if we’re asking the right questions.And sometimes we don’t know which questions to ask at all…Which makes sitting